Activation of full traceability on demand

On 5th May 2016 a system of full traceability of single production batches was implemented, starting from the input of the raw material up to the delivery of the finished product to the Customer. In order to enable an orderly collection it is necessary for any products, component parts or raw materials incoming in the factory to be identified as a homogeneous batch. This means recognizing each raw material or semi-finished unit as belonging to a precise batch associated with a supplier and therefore with a definitely dated document.

At that stage the level of accuracy and precision determines an involvement of finished or semi-finished products in the reverse order at a following tracing stage: the higher the accuracy in indicating the batches manufactured with a certain component, the lesser the need of recalls and destructions in case of faultiness. In order to meet such a need we devised to use some bar-codes for the quick storage of all concerned information.