Energy management system UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2011

While honouring its commitment to continuous improvement, Eredi Baitelli SpA considers making an energy diagnosis so as to understand how energy is used in the company, what the causes are of possible waste and whether any proposed ameliorative interventions are technically and economically feasible.
The aim of the study in hand is analyzing the energy consumptions of the organization through targeted instrumental measurements in order to identify the main sources of consumptions and any prospects of improvement and saving.
The approach of the diagnosis lays down the following operational phases:
– general evaluation of the production site, collection of preliminary data and individuation of main energy carriers
– individuation of main significant uses
– analysis of grid and measuring points inside the factory.
– taking of a series of measurements by means of a special grid analyzer for the quantification of electric energy consumptions. On completion of the above, as logical development of the activities, it will possible to proceed to the implementation of an Energy Management System (SME), in compliance with the provisions of the standard UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2011, to be certified by an accredited independent authority.