New UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

Eredi Baitelli Spa is working on the maintenance of its Quality Assurance System in order to switch to the new standard.
Therefore, by analyzing the handbook, the procedures and the recordings of the current regulation, we will proceed to the implementation of revision- and integration-aimed activities in compliance with the incoming standard.
The major innovations of the standard are illustrated below:
1) Risk analysis: rather than applying standard requisites for everybody, the risks of each company will be examined, in order to plan for a management system commensurate to each reality’s needs. The new approach provides for the detection of risks in corporate processes and the adoption of suitable operating measures, as well as the identification of opportunities, that is, possible solutions and countermeasures to cope with them;
2) “Bureaucratic” streamlining of the system records. Greater flexibility is provided for the companies, which are free to choose the depth and the details they intend to use in their written records, such choice being made according to various factors, like the complexity of processes, the expertise of the staff, etc.
3) Process management focused on the development, implementation and improvement of SGQ. Each process must be clearly set out and contain unquestionable specifications for the measuring of performance parameters and the definition of roles and responsibilities. In particular the standard provides more accurate and detailed attention to the control of processes, products and services supplied by external realities. This measure aims at copying with the present-day situation, where the companies are to operate in an increasingly complex environment.
4) Deeper involvement of the managerial area.