Sponsor Eredi Baitelli always in the running!

Since 2014 Eredi Baitelli has been a sponsor, along with its subsidiary company Minuterie Eredi Baitelli, of the “Racing team of Vintage Car/Motorbike Club San Fedele, Palazzolo sull’Oglio”. The team, made up of the 2 Bertoli brothers and nephew Vavassori, has been engaged for several years in manifold events revolving around the world of motor vehicles and ranging from on-road reliability trials to historic – and ever spectacular – obstacle races to thrilling mountain time trials, up to the Italian championship of sprint track racing for vintage motorbikes. In these shows the members of the team often stood out by winning a number of victories and placings, among which the second place in 2014 sprint track championship in group 4 reliability trial – Sport Production 125 class, and the third place still in the same championship and class in 2015.